Does the Vaginal Orgasm Exist?

Women’s orgasm is still a very confusing thing to many people. Even many women don’t know about their orgasmic patterns. So, you might see camel toe pics and think whether the vaginal orgasm truly exists or not.

Look, if you regularly watch the popular camel toe porn, then you will see that in many of them, girls are truly having orgasms. It is quite natural that it will make you wonder whether you can have that intense feeling of vaginal orgasm.

Look, it is possible to achieve a vaginal orgasm. However, as you can see in various videos of sex 18+, you need to make sure you are stimulating your clitoris while having intercourse. Look, studies have shown that it is very difficult to distinguish between vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

Does the Vaginal Orgasm Exist?

Most even don’t even know that the orgasm they are having whether is clitoral orgasm or vaginal. But, the clitoris also plays a big role in ensuring that you achieve vaginal orgasm. Now, you will be wondering whether you can achieve vaginal orgasm or not.

Well, just like in porn, you can also achieve vaginal orgasm. You can try some of the things that porn stars do with your partner to make her achieve vaginal orgasms. Here is what you need to do give your partner a shivering vaginal orgasm.

Focus in Foreplay

It is very important that you pay attention to the foreplay before you start having intercourse. The foreplay acts like the foundation from where you can thrilling intercourse with your partner. Even in cameltoe porn, the foreplay gets the due importance it should get. It will take your partner closer to a vaginal orgasm.

Stimulate the Clitoris

You might think that the clitoris will not play any part in a vaginal orgasm. But, in reality, the clitoris has a bigger role to play in vaginal orgasm. Even in porn videos available on various porn sites, you will that clitoris is getting stimulated before the girl gets an orgasm. This shows how important clitoral stimulation is to women’s orgasm.

An Orgasm Prior Intercourse

It is better to have an orgasm for a woman before you start the intercourse. For that, you can either use your fingers or use a sex toy to stimulate both her clitoris and G-spot (once you find it). It will ensure that your partner has an orgasm before you start the intercourse and she will be ready also for a vaginal orgasm.

The Best Positions to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

When it comes to achieving vaginal orgasm for any woman, there are some specific sex positions that you need to try. It will not only intensify the intercourse but also take your partner closer to the vaginal orgasm.  Some of those sex positions are quite common such as the doggy style or reverse cowgirl. These positions will let you stimulate her G-spot wonderful.

Does the Vaginal Orgasm Exist?

Communication is Important

To give your partner a vaginal orgasm, the one thing that you have to do is communicate with your partner regularly. Even if your partner is an older woman, communication will help you to understand whether she is on the verge of an orgasm. The porn industry might not tell you about this but it is very important for men and women to communicate during sex.

Focus on the Rhythm

You will see in porn, even a mature porn star is having an orgasm, and that too a vaginal orgasm. The reason why such older women also achieve orgasms is the rhythm of the penetration. If you know at which speed your partner finds the perfect stimulation, then you will surely give her a vaginal orgasm.

Keep the Lube at an Arm’s Length

Now, the pornstars in the industry might not tell you this but it is important to use lube to give your partner orgasms. By using lube, you will make the area wetter and smoother to penetrate without friction. Thus, the chances of proper stimulation increase along with the chances of achieving a vaginal orgasm.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you might see the unique photo archive of mature cunts and think whether such vaginas can have vaginal orgasms or not. You need to remind yourself that if you stimulate the area along with the clitoris and G-spot properly, you can give most women the much-desired vaginal orgasm.

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