Sex for Clumsy People

You were not born James Bond or Indiana Jones to perform acrobatic stunts in a surge of passion. You look rather like a clumsy lout who always drops the mugs on the table, stumbles at every step, and when you decide to hug the girl, she starts complaining that you hurt her. Why are some people clumsy? Some of us live in their own world, in their fantasies, forgetting about so many things. You are clumsy, and you understand that yourself, but any problem can be solved. You can deal with clumsy sex.

  1. Forget about sex in the shower.

Why are people clumsy? They have bad coordination. If you are one of them, you must forget about sex in the shower. You should not be offended that you skip this event because slipping on a soap, having sex with your girlfriend in the slippery small space is not a pleasant thing. If you do not control the body well, then such sex will not bring you variety because of a limited set of positions. By the way, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your apartment, people slip regularly on some lotion and hit heads against a bath surface.

  1. The cowgirl position is the best position for you.

You would have been recommended to practice different positions with your girlfriend if you were not so a clumsy guy. However, if you are far from having sex like a pro, then leave it to the girl. You just have to lie and hold a girlfriend’s ass and let her choose a rhythm and moan. In any case, it’s better when a girl moans with pleasure and not because you hurt her once again.

  1. Sex in any standing position is not for you.

However, in this situation, you are luckier than a girl with the same clumsy symptom. However, even if you rest against a wall or a girl (and she rests against a wall), then there is a great risk to fall down due to the abundance of feelings to a hard, dusty and cold floor. It is a fact that having sex in a standing position is more difficult than in a lying one. Besides, you want to get pleasure and not just stand, beavering away. You should better choose a chair or a bed for having sex on it. When you do not have options to fall, sex becomes less traumatic and more pleasant. The additional advice within the framework of positions: do not try to have sex “at a height.” You can have quite strong hands, and you can raise even four girls, but your coordination can get to you at the most crucial moment.

  1. Shave, wash and put on the best underpants.

Don’t worry, you will not become a metrosexual but a self-confident man. Talking about a psychological aspect that often takes place in the sphere of sex, an important attribute of any clumsiness is the anxiety that arises from the fact that you put on holey socks, you sweat, and you wear underpants with a snowman. Look at your girlfriend, she almost never hugs you, being dirty, and she takes shower regularly. So, you try to watch yourself, and if you do that on a regular basis, then you will have less reason to worry about your appearance. Sex should be carefree and cheerful to some extent. If this is not so, then you will be worried and will make a lot of unnecessary movements.

  1. Correct your shortcomings.

You have just read tips on how you can deal with the coordination problems that you surely have if you work in an office and do not go in for sports. Nonetheless, it’s terrible when you prefer to put up with shortcomings, and not correct them. Fortunately, clumsiness is not an inherent defect. Coordination can and should be improved. To do this, you do not need a doctor or a psychologist, instead of them, you can find help in a good training for coordination. This is not pilates and yoga, but a severe male gymnastic that will make you sweat. Thanks to our friends from PrimeDating for providing this article.

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