WARNING – Man who faked his STD test is back – AVOID MR. MARCUS AT ALL COSTS

Look who had the balls to rear his ugly head at this year’s XRCO award. If you aren’t sure who the disgusting pig is in these photos, it’s none other than Mr. Marcus.

No these photos weren’t taken years ago. They were taken at the XRCO awards, just last week!

It’s amazing to me just how short of a memory the adult industry has.

For those that don’t know the story, Mr. Marcus contracted syphilis and instead of going to the doctor to get cured he continued to work on numerous sets by faking his STD test.

He ended up giving a few others syphilis and was eventually convicted for knowingly giving someone an STD and would go to jail for 30 days.

The entire industry had to be shut down for weeks – nobody could work while everyone had to undergo treatment because the potential pool of those contaminated was so large.

Can you imagine not being able to work for two weeks because some jack ass faked his test?

Well, Mr. Marcus is the very jackass that caused that.

So why the hell are people allowing him to attend industry events and welcoming him with opening arms?

Mr. Marcus not only knew he had a very serious STD that could cause permanent scarring in females and even can cause infertility problems later in life but went out of his way to produce a fake test.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, you know what that piece of shit actually said as his excuse?

We are all racist. We are the problem, not him … because you know, we are racist.

I swear to fucking God that was what this piece of shit said.

Make sure you memorize his face.

Mr. Marcus

Don’t ever forget who this man is.

Do whatever it takes to avoid him at all costs and make sure he is on your no list.

Do you really want to work with someone who did something like this?

If he did it before, who is to say he won’t do it again or maybe next time, something much worse!



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