Twitter harassment has gotten out of hand

Twitter abuse has gotten progressively worse lately. Look at the article I wrote the other day, a guy from Las Vegas creates multiple twitter account to harass porn stars and other industry insiders. He’s claimed to work for a variety of people, all of course is a lie. He’s just some crazy fucker who likes to screw with people.

But porn star’s aren’t the only one who fall victim to online harassment.

A social media study has uncovered more than 200,000 abusive tweets were sent to 80,000 people over a 3 week period. The abusive tweets were sent by both men and women.

People love to call others sluts and whores online because it’s easier to do it through the perceived anonymity of being behind your computer. It’s the type of behavior a normal person would never do in person. But online, it seems to be fair game.

I know one guy who has over 100 twitter accounts. What in the heck do you need that many twitter accounts for? That’s just flat out crazy!

And you know what? There’s really nothing you can do about it.

I helped a friend report one guy who tweeted out 43 abusive and harassing tweets across two accounts and what did twitter do? Not a damn thing.

What can be done? Clicking mute or blocking them don’t stop a person from talking shit about you. It only stops you from being able to see it.

There is a guy right now who created three twitter accounts – 1 using the real name of a porn star, the other using the real (legal) name of an agent and the third using the name of a porn star and in the header he has her actual phone number.

This crazy guy contacts producers and other agents talking a world of shit pretending to be these people and you know what twitter has done about it to date? Not a damn thing.

It’s really getting scary out there. So be careful my friends and make sure the person you are talking to online is really the person you think it is.

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