You should see what former Vivid girl Janine looks like now

In December 1987 Janine made her first steps down the path of porn stardom when she was selected as the Penthouse Pet of the Month and would eventually go on to be named the 1990 Penthouse Pet of the Year.


Not much longer after that she began doing girl-only films and would eventually go on to true porn stardom. She become the most well known girl only performer.

Janine had cover girl face and a body made for sin.  From 1993 to 2007 she won award after award for her performances.

Then one day it all came crashing down.

In December of 2008, exactly 21 years after it all began, Janine got caught up in a tax ordeal. Her ex-husband reported her for tax evasion for a rumored $294,000. She had to pay back an unspecified amount and do 6 month stint in federal prison. When she got out she had to spend another year living in a halfway house.

Her ex-husband who turned out to be a real winner was none other than Jesse James. He met Sandra Bullock while he was married to Janine and while Janine was 7 months pregnant he ran off and left her.

Of course as we all know a few years later Sandra Bullock would be on stage getting an Oscar (or golden globe?) thanking her perfect husband who all the while was cheating on her with like 7 other girls.

But before all of that could happen, Sandra Bullock helped Jesse James get full custody of Janine’s daughter and even worked to prevent Janine from getting reasonable visitation. Keep in mind this is the very man who left Janine high and dry when she was 7 months pregnant with that very child.

So fast forward to 2016. Janine began to resurface online. She doesn’t exactly look the same as she did before, but then again who does 20+ years later? She however looks good. You might not recognize her with all of her tats. Her upper body is nearly covered in them.

She active online again and tweets to her fans quite often. You can follow her at @msjaninelinde.

She also has started to attend fan shows. She will be going to the Exxxotica show in Ohio on August 28th. There she meets with her fans signs autographs and poses for pictures.



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