The Scott Disick Sex Tapes – Not with a Kardashian

As news broke last week that Scott Disick is living it up in Florida, we had a man on the inside getting us all the real story and oh what a hell of a story it is!

Scott Disick

You may recall, we talked about a probable Kylie Jenner sex tape before, but that isn’t the only potential sex tape on the market. Scott Disick has been in Florida running his mouth about not one, not two, not three but as many as possibly 10 different sex tapes.


He’s in Florida right now with two unidentified friends and he’s been partying like crazy. This we all know because it’s being talked about everywhere including sites like TMZ and E! Online.

The friends he is with in Miami with are concerned for his safety and well being, calling him “out of control”. They went on to say that they had to watch him closely, including his belongings, such as his wallet and what he was ordering or buying as he tends to forget his credit cards at places like upscale strip clubs, VIP rooms and private after parties, when he’s out of it.

Now the Kardashian’s are worried they’ll have another Lamar Odom on their hands and as such Kris has stuck a security detail on him while they try to convince him to check into a rehab in Palm Beach. The Kardashian’s don’t want another PR nightmare with a half dead body found coked up with a hooker.

You may remember a member of his security team, Mark Behar — who we’ve mentioned a few times here on this website. Mark Behar has done security for the Kardashian family for years.

Mark Behar with Kim Kardashian

Mark Behar also has some ties to the adult industry and the infamous Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where Lamar Odom was found a few years ago.

Scott Disick doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. He’s having a good time and has no problem telling Kris Jenner or anyone else who asks, to kiss his ass.

He’s busy partying in Florida and filming sex tapes. In fact, if you ask him he has as many as 10 different sex tapes and one may be with a girl as young as 17 years of age. Although his security detail is quick to point out that in most states 17 is legal to consent and that most of his girls are in the 18 to 24 age range. He’s even rumored to keep a few of his favorite sex tapes on his phone so he can pull it up and watch it anytime he wants.

Will any of the many rumored Scott Disick sex tapes see the light of day? Honestly I think one or two of them will. At the rate he’s making them, it’s almost as if he wants them to be found.


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