Jack Venice – 9 years later and still in prison

I was updating my Hanna Hilton site and it got me thinking about her ex-boyfriend Jack Venice (Christopher Jack Reid) who is serving a life sentence for second-degree rape. He was also charged with two counts of burglary in the second degree and one count of burglary in the first degree.

Christopher Jack Reid

  • Rape second degree (Class A felony): Prosecutors typically file rape second degree charges when a person engages in intercourse with another person by forcible compulsion when the complaining witness is incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated — in the case of Jack Venice the victim was passed out drunk.

Christopher Jack Reid (aka Jack Venice) has been in prison since 2008. He will be eligible for an in-prison hearing on the subject of his release in February of 2017 (yes this month). I’m not sure if he ever got this hearing as I haven’t heard back from his family recently. I have heard from them in the past but since I’ve written this new article, I didn’t get the update I wanted about the February 2017 possible parole hearing.

The problem is, to get them to consider him for parole, he must admit guilt. This means he has to go before the parole board and say I AM GUILTY. I DID THE CRIME. But in doing that, he can never be vindicated. He can never clear his name through the appeals process. So he will essentially have to decide if he wants to admit guilt and get out on parole or risk spending the rest of his life in prison, until (if ever) he wins an appeal.

His original conviction took place on October 24, 2008 for a crime that took place in September of 2007. He then filed an appeal and lost that appeal. It is unlikely he can win a chance at another appeal until (or if) new evidence comes to light. He’s been fighting to get records from the police ever since.

He’s serving his time in a corrections center in Washington.

Christopher Reid #324543
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Jack Venice, a man by the name of Colin Davis (who was not charged) and another man named Kyle M. Schott were drunk off of their asses in a bar in Washington and came up with the bright idea of going to parties on Greek row at WSU. Basically they knew everyone at the frat or sorority parties would be drunk and downstairs partying – making the houses easy targets to rip off.

The three left the bar. It was at this point that Colin Davis swears he went elsewhere and Jack Venice and Kyle Schott went to try and see if they could find any of these Greek row parties.

When they got to the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority party, they went upstairs and came across a someone who was passed out drunk (an unnamed 21 year old female).

As the story goes, Reid was standing near the door, at our around her computer. Kyle M. Schott was on the bed “fucking with the girl”. Jack claims he said something like “come on let’s get out of here before she wakes up”.

Mind you later he claims he wasn’t even there. He says that he was outside and not in the room at all.

Someone, I am unsure which of the two, but one of them opened a condom. Kyle said it was Jack Venice, Jack Venice said it was Kyle who opened the condom.

It was the noise of the condom opening that awoke the victim. She freaked out, they ran. Mind you when she woke up Kyle M. Schott had his fingers inside of the victim. He even admitted this.

Now as far as I understand the only “penetration” that took place was when Kyle fingered the girl and possibly fondled her breasts.

However Kyle was the first one caught and agreed to a plea deal to roll over on his friend that was there with him. As we all know by watching all those cop shows, the first one to sing gets the deal and in this case, even though Kyle was the only one who actually did anything to the girl, he got the better deal. He was only charged with third degree rape. In exchange for this deal he had to agree to testify against Jack Venice (Christopher Jack Reid).

But now here is the crazy part.

Remember that third guy Colin that was with them in the bar? It was Colin that the victim picked out in a photo lineup – NOT Jack Venice. Weird right, especially considering he wasn’t supposed to eve be there. Was the third guy there? It’s hard to say at this point.

This lineup where the victim ID Colin Davis was ignored because the prosecutors had Kyle Schott willing to testify that it was Jack Venice in the room with him.

During the trial the prosecution made the claim that Jack Venice was an accessory to the assault by not preventing Kyle Schott from assaulting the women and by possibly even encouraging him to do it.

So while Jack Venice may not have physically assaulted the victim himself, they basically nailed him for not stopping the other guy from doing it.

I think what shocks me the most about this case is that Marsha May and two male co-defendants drugged and raped a 12, 13 and 14 year old child. They admitted it. They had photographic evidence, the testimony of all three children involved AND video proof and each of the three child rapists only got 10 years probation.

This guy, who admittedly was wrong for breaking into frat houses to rob them, didn’t rape a girl. He didn’t touch her. He was there, yes. But he didn’t rape her. He didn’t touch her. How can you rape someone you have never touched? So why is he serving 9 years to life?

That’s a little brutal, don’t you think? I mean in comparison to say three pedophiles who raped THREE children and only got 10 years probation.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

In the time he’s been in prison Jack Venice has been studying to become a paralegal, if for no other reason so that he can file his own motions to try and find something that he can use to defend himself.

He’s won a few small motions, including one in February of 2015 that forces the police to turn over certain evidence in reference to his case, but to date none of that has been enough to free him.

On a motion filed on January 28, 2014 he had a setback when fighting to get some evidence turned over to him. You can click here to see the court documents. Basically some of the evidence in his case has been lost or destroyed and the court ruled that wasn’t a good enough reason to free him.

For years he fought publicly to prove his innocence. Then sometime, around maybe 2015 something changed. His website udontnojack.com was deleted, his Facebook page and Twitter account, both deactivated.

He also had all those YouTube videos removed. The only video left was when posted in December 23, 2010.

The video is really sad. It’s a rambling Jack Venice focusing on anything but the actual case itself. He goes on and on about the ISRB and the information he wasn’t told. But he doesn’t actual deal with the case itself. He also kept going on about how nobody told him he was facing life in prison. He said if he knew he would have taken the previous deal offered.

It’s not really a great video because it doesn’t truly explain in a easy to understand way why he feels he’s innocent. Instead he just rambles on about the injustice of the length of the sentence and how the state handles such things through a special committee.

Rape is a serious issue in society and in the adult industry. Until a few years ago, I was like a rabid dog when I heard any girl accuse anyone of rape. It wasn’t until recently that I learned that some women actually lie. I couldn’t believe it.

I’m not saying this victim lied (sorry just to clarify), it’s just that finding out some girls and more than a few, actually do lie about something so horrific really changed my views on the subject matter. I no longer blindly believe any and all accusations of rape.

I want to know exactly what they mean by rape. I want details, explicit details of before, during and after.

Some people say they don’t believe a girl was raped if she doesn’t report it. But I’m not one of those people. I know far to many who have reported their rape only to be victimized again by the authorities and the process itself. There are many reasons why so many girls don’t report their rape right away or ever. If you really want to understand why that is, you can Google it. It’s way to long and complicated to get into in this post.

Rape to me is not just an unwanted sexual advance. RAPE means someone penetrated you and you either couldn’t or didn’t consent. A person can’t consent when they are drunk or when they are asleep. That is what makes this case, clearly rape. Kyle M. Schott stuck his fingers in her vagina while she was asleep. Because she was passed out drunk, she could not and did not consent. This makes it rape.

The shocking thing is how many girls flat out lie about being rape in our industry.

One girl said that she was doing a scene with Chad White and prior to filming the scene itself he came in and raped her. This later turned out to be a lie. It turned that once I got digging into the incident, I found everything before, during and after was filmed and the girl just flat out lied.

I don’t know why she lied. I can only assume she wanted the attention but Chad White to his credit confronted the girl when he found out about the accusation more than a year later, and made her publicly apologize for telling people he had raped her.

I personally never spoke to her again. It was one of the first times in my life that I found out someone would actually just flat out lie about being raped.

A few months later I met a girl who was with one agent and wanted to leave her agent so she told her new agent that her current agent raped her. He was understandably concerned and I was brought in to speak to her and see if there was anything I could do as a performer advocate to help her.  She repeated her story to me so I began to look into the matter. Something just didn’t sit right with me about her story. I couldn’t explain what it was, just that something wasn’t right.

It turns out that her story wasn’t exactly the full story. She signed with an agent who booked her for her first boy/girl scene. She shows up on set to find that her agent is her male talent for the day. She didn’t understand why he didn’t tell her. After the agent gave her a ride home but not before making her go to the bank and cash her check so she could pay him his commission (as her agent). She said he was a real dick about it and it upset her. But was that rape? Ummm no. Not even close. Because SHE CONSENTED to have sex with him. She also went on to shoot with him several more times after that. So if he had really raped her, why would she have agreed to work with him several more times?

It was these stories and more than made me want to re-visit the Jack Venice case.

I’ve talked about it before but now, 9 years later I look at it with more life experience and I can’t say that I understand it any more today than I did back then.

If there was no DNA evidence and the victim never claimed Jack Venice himself was the one who touched her until the trial itself, how could they not only nail him for rape but give the guy 9 years to life? In fact on more than three times she either said she didn’t remember or ID’d someone else all together.

I really just don’t get it.

Sure Jack Venice was wrong for being there in the first place. He was drunk and up to no good. He was out to rob people. That sucks but that’s not rape.

He served his time for the burglary charges. In Washington those carry like a 2 month sentence.

So why 9 years later is this man still in jail?

At 04:30AM, a woman called 911 to report a sexual assault. She said she was staying the night there because her friends lived there, and she woke up to find two males in the room she was sleeping in.

Later she told police one of the males was fingering her. However there are some reports that state originally she didn’t say this. Because she was in a “dream like state” (aka drunk and possibly high) she wasn’t sure if anyone touched her.

  • That issue aside, Kyle Schott admitted to placing his finger in the victims vagina.
  • There was no DNA evidence whatsoever that could link Jack Venice to the crime or even having been there.
  • There was DNA evidence that showed 3 people’s DNA on the condom – 1 was Kyle Schott, 1 was the victim, 1 was thought the be her boyfriend which the victim said she had unprotected sex with 3 days prior. It was not however Jack Venice’s DNA. Again there was no DNA evidence found at the crime scene.
  • Originally the victim said on the police report that she couldn’t identify the attackers face saying  “a guys face is just a guys face”, she changed her description of him many times. Later on, in a photo lineup, the victim identified Colin Davis NOT Jack Venice.
  • During the trial, the victim said that Kyle ordered Jack Venice to hand him a condom so he could have sex with her. But here is my problem with this … how did the victim hear him say this? Remember she was passed out drunk and said she only woke up when she heard the crinkle of the condom wrapper being opened.

It’s all just so fucked up and because he can’t afford a real lawyer, he may never get out – or if he does it will only be because he will be forced to admit he was guilty of rape so that he may qualify for parole.

Many think they threw the book at him because he was a porn star – not because they had any real evidence against him. And that is the biggest injustice of the whole thing.


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