Rico Strong just threw Just Dave under the bus

Adult performer came out last week and told a story about how while she was on a shoot she was hurt.  The video was long and heartwrenching.

But all I needed to hear was that he slapped her in the face so hard her ears rung.

There were several more horrific things that took place on this set but the important thing to remember is, these girls didn’t deserve to be treated like that. They were physically assaulted.

There is no damn reason Rico should have done what he did on set.

But what most people don’t know is that by coming out and telling what happened to them, they had their lives threatened.

Rico Strong decided to come out and say that this an attack on him because he was black. He went on to say the victim only came forward … “All b cause she didn’t want her spouse to find out she cheated and liked a black man so screamed rape and assault when in all she pursued”

So why did the second victim come forward then with similar accusations?

Rico Strong is a lying piece of shit who is looking for any excuse to get out of this.

When his excuse of racism didn’t work, he tried blaming the victim’s spouse for jealousy. When that didn’t work he tried his new story – which AVN ran today on their website.

In the interview with AVN, he reveals that none of what he did counts because the director made him do it. He was just a paid actor.

Of course, a real actor wouldn’t slap a female so hard in the face her ears rung.

Or in the case of Riley Nixon, he wouldn’t choke her so hard that he caused the blood vessels in her face to burst as well as bruising around the eyes.

Let there be no confusion, Riley Nixon, and Leigh Raven are victims of assault.

Leigh Raven made it clear that she had a shallow cervix and when they were shooting she told the male talent (RICO STRONG) that he was going to deep. Instead of stopping he kept going, went even deeper and then made fun of her for it.

That kind of shit is not okay.

Rico Strong is a sorry piece of shit.

May he burn in hell!


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