Producer caught shooting without valid STD test – Does nobody care about getting HIV anymore??!?!?!!!!

For awhile now rumors have been out there that certain producers (as in more than one) are shooting content without valid STD tests. This is a big deal. Do people not care about getting HIV? I don’t know about you, but I sure do!

One of the rumors was that one of the producers shooting content without valid STD tests was Miles Long.

I had heard this story from more than a few girls, but it’s hard to put a story out there like that, that’s so serious — without being able to back it up. I did look up to see if Miles Long had a valid STD test with Talent Testing and in fact he did not. Actually he has never used Talent Testing, and is not even in their database. Someone else looked up CET and said the same thing.

But as far as I knew Miles Long was a producer, not acting as talent, so he didn’t need a test.

I however was wrong. Turns out he was shooting talent where he was also the talent, at least according to a recently story posted on the Porn News Today website.

Recently Monica Foster was able to dig up some sort of evidence because she released a story today about this very subject.

Monica Foster’s post was mostly about how Shy Love had been feeding fellow blogger Mike South information for awhile now that turned out not to be true and it ended up getting him sued. But once you get past all the Mike South stuff in the Monica Foster story, she makes mention of both Shy Love and Miles Long’s STD tests or their lack thereof.

“A trusted insider source has made it known that neither Miles Long or Shy Love have tested with Talent Testing Services for approximately 3 years, so it’s highly advised that anyone working with either individual in the United States of America request they provide a current full panel STD test (as Herpes, Hep C and Syphilis 1 can all be problematic).”


Monica Foster’s story also talks about a story which I myself have heard of. Basically it goes like this … Shy Love signs a new talent and then sends them to a photographer to shoot photo stills to put up on her website and so that Shy Love can send those photos out to producers to get the performer bookings. This is not a uncommon practice in the industry. The performer is charged for these photos, except at LA Direct, they don’t charge for the photo shoot so they can own the content.  Typically an agent will charge the girl the cost of the photo shoot which is like $150 to $200. ATMLA charges this.

However Shy Love does something else. According to the story that Monica Foster posted on her own website, Shy Love sends the performers to Miles Long to do the photos. But instead of charging the girls Miles Long does a content trade. They do a BJ scene for his clipsforsale store, and they get their photos for free.

Only Shy Love goes ahead and still sends the performer an invoice of $430 for those photos.

Ignore the scam for money for just a moment and focus on this … if this story is true, that means that Miles Long is shooting content as talent and he has no valid STD test. I mean yes it sucks she’s scamming her girls out of that money. But is that any worse than potentially exposing them to HIV or other serious STDs?

I looked Miles Long up myself. I can say without a doubt he is not in the PASS database nor is he in the Talent Testing system, which means he has never tested with them. Knowing he doesn’t have a valid STD test that is accepted in the industry, why is an agent allowing her performers to shoot with someone without this valid STD test?

Doesn’t this put the entire industry at risk?

This is a big deal. This is an agent having her performers work with a producer without a valid STD test.

Not once.

Not twice.

But on a regular basis.

Why is this being allowed?

I don’t know about you but I think every girl on the VIP Connect roster needs to immediately be put on every performers (male and females) no list. By working with them, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of catching an STD or even worse, HIV because they are having sex with an untested male talent.

I challenge all agents to stand up and show you truly care about the well being of your own talent, but now allowing any performer on your rosters to work with any talent from The VIP Connect or LAX Models (Shy Love’s agencies), since they are working with untested talent.

I was going to reach out to Monica Foster before posting this story to see what else she knew then decided against it. Nobody needs that kind of drama in their life. Instead I just decided to post this story as it is here and hope – no make that pray, that all other agents will do the right thing and put everyone on The VIP Connect and LAX Models roster on their no list for the safety of all performers in our industry.


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