Please don’t spread rumors. Don’t assume you know the story!

I saw two tweets tonight that upset me.

“Too many young lives are being lost in this industry to prescription drug abuse. We need to offer support, resources and keep JUDGEMENT out of it. We are all a family “ and the other “new rule: reputable agents and production companies implement random drug testing for opiates and benzos. shit is getting out of hand”

These people are talking as if they know what happened to Olivia Lua, but they don’t. Olivia Lua wasn’t perfect, but fuck none of us are.

Olivia Lua Death

Olivia Lua took her prescribed medication, as her doctor told her to. She didn’t abuse the meds she was given. She took what her doctor told her to when they told her to take them.

Yes her friends and family had some concern at the high dosage level of said medication that her doctor prescribed her and I personally begged her to go see another doctor because they had her on near toxic levels of one particular medication.

But this doesn’t mean she was abusing those prescription medications as some people might have you believe. She took what her doctor told her to take.

She had a mental health problem, that she had suffered from for years, long before she was even in porn.

That was the problem she was dealing with.

No, I won’t go into details of what that was. I just wanted to make it clear that Olivia Lua wasn’t out there abusing “opiates and benzos” as some jackasses out there imply. She took what her doctor prescribed her.

What happened when she checked into the in-patient treatment facility is a matter for the authorities to investigate and decide. I can only say that I was in daily contact with Olivia and I can tell you she wasn’t abusing her meds. She took what her doctors told her to take.

Olivia Lua is dead. Nothing we say can bring her back but I ask you to please not disrespect her in her death. Don’t spread false rumors making her out to be this major drug addict. She wasn’t. She had a mental health issue that she was trying to deal with. She was trying to do the right thing when she died.

*** Clarification: Olivia Lua was not arrested prior to her death. The person who broke in and attacked her roommate was NOT Olivia Lua. Olivia had already admitted herself to the in-patient treatment facility when the attack on her roommate took place.



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