If you don’t sleep with a black man, you are racist? Really? WTF kind of bullshit is that?

I can remember a long time ago reading some jackass tweeting to Alexis Texas telling her that she was racist because she wouldn’t sleep with a black guy. In that same thread another guy points out how she has a big fat ass, and that’s what black men like so she should sleep with them.

Alexis Texas

Years before that, Taylor Rain was repeatedly called a racist for not having ever had sex with a black man on camera, despite the fact that she had banged a black guy in her personal life.

Taylor Rain

Today someone called out Jenna Jameson on twitter, saying she was a racist for not sleeping with black men during her career in porn. What she says in response is perfect …

Jenna Jameson

My sexual preference doesn’t make me racist



  • Again you avoided doing scenes with Black men your whole career. That makes you a racist Jenna.

  • How am I wrong? Im very much right. You avoid some of the best Black men like Lex Steel and Shawn Michaels. You hella racist.

And you know what? She’s right!

I think others need to speak up about it too! Everyone is so paranoid about being called a racist they don’t speak their mind.

I’m sorry but performers are being pressured, harassed and bullied for not doing anal or not having sex with someone and it needs to stop.

Call me a racist all you want, but it won’t change the fact that this bullshit bullying of porn stars needs to stop!

A performer has the right to say no to anything and anyone. Trying to bully a girl into doing something you want her to do by calling her a racist, doesn’t make her look bad, it just makes you a sexist dick.

Unless you are a psychic and can read minds, you don’t know why a girl won’t have sex with a black guy on camera. Some of the possible reasons could be that ….

  • Maybe all the black men in porn have really big ass dicks and she’s tight and doesn’t want to be stretched out.
  • Maybe she’s dating a black man in real life and her real life partner doesn’t want any real competition so refuses to let her have sex with other black men on camera.
  • Maybe her agent / manager won’t let her do it so he can later book her first IR for big bucks.
  • Maybe her pimp won’t let her.

That last one is a true story. A female agent who is well known in the escorting world once told me she doesn’t like for her girls to do extreme acts in porn like gang bangs or facial abuse or interracial because the high end (big paying) clients won’t book girls like that.

So the next time you call a girl out for being a racist, just remember that you are being a bully. You don’t have any right to tell a girl what or who she should do.

It’s her body. It’s her decision.

You don’t get a say.



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