Confirmed!! @OnlyFans bans outdoor content

We’ve talked previously about banned content on OnlyFans but a lot of times when people start to tell a story it can easily get confused or convoluted and the facts turn into gossip. So I wanted to take a moment to confirm with actual messages from OnlyFans support about the filming of outdoor content on their platform.

Yesterday Aspen Den woke up to the following message.

This is how we found out from support what was and wasn’t allowed.


She wrote back to them to confirm and this is their response….


In short, you can shoot some outdoor content but there are rules and you must be able to confirm your content as shot within those rules.

To be clear public nudity is prohibited on OnlyFans.

This means no shooting at the beach, in a forest, field, part, or any public paces, even if they are secluded.

Nudity outdoors is only allowed if shot on private property for example your own backyard but you must be able to provide proof that the content was shot on private property.

You must also provide proof of ownership of said location. This means getting a location release.

If you don’t have one, you can get a copy by clicking here.

On that note, you can also get some other needed documents at the website. These include:

  • Model Release
  • Performer Consent Checklist
  • 2257 Docs
  • Photographer Release
  • Location Release


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