New @OnlyFans rules about promos. Don’t get #banned

OnlyFans content creators were notified today that there were some policy changes coming down and it’s all about promos.

First is the news that if you get too many spam complaints you will lose your ability to send out mass messages.


The next big news is the limiting of promotional posts. This means you can post a maximum of 3 promo posts in a given day.


They say there is no limitation for mass DMs but just so you know, you get a bunch of complaints you will lose your ability to send mass DMs.

** Updated – This information was just shared with me via Telegram.


One of my coaching students (with ties to the adult entertainment community) knows an OnlyFans employee in real life. She spent an hour and a half on the phone with him today getting clarification on the new updates/policies.

1) Free trial links are ok. SPAMMING is NOT OKAY. Doing free trial sfs is fine, but Guaranteed Gains promo may be what instigated this change in policy. People having 6-10+ promo/sfs posts per day is too much, posting and reposting every hour is too much. OnlyFans understands the need for internal networking and does NOT WANT to take away our capability to share links completely, but the spamming needs to be reigned in. This policy change is a broad brush stroke to combat spam.

2) Finding ways to circumvent this update (mass dm or otherwise) may result in MORE RESTRICTIONS to combat spam. We do NOT want this‼️ We need to think long-term. We don’t want a limit on mass dm!

3) He emphasized that content posted must be of value. They want a better customer/fan experience. OnlyFans was not created for promo posts, but for content and interaction.

4) RESELLING PPV is okay, as long as it’s not reselling the same content very close together and measures are taken to try to not sell the same video to the same fan twice.

5) SEXTING with pre-recorded videos is fine, as long as we don’t explicitly say the video is live right now. We can emphasize the fantasy there but don’t actually say it’s live.

I trust my student who told me all of this and had a 30 min conversation with her to clarify everything. Of course, this is OnlyFans and everything is subject to change. But hopefully, this helps us all understand these new updates better.

We all need clarity, and keep in mind that if people abuse the system more restrictions may come later ❤️

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