Don’t fall for fake @OnlyFans promo! #scammers

The latest thing on Twitter right now is certain accounts offering you promotion for your OnlyFans account for a great price.

Sounds like a good idea but in the end, there are a lot of scammers out there.

Today a Twitter account @SannaOnlyfans hit up my friend and offered her a great deal to promote her OnlyFans page on her Instagram account that has over 800,000 followers.

What a deal, right?

If you click on the person’s Instagram link (@unitedxmodels), they do in fact have over 800,000 users.

On the surface, it may sound like a great deal.

But is it?

Turns out this Instagram account has nothing but a bunch of fake followers. While it’s not a perfect method, it’s often the first thing I do when I check out an account. I pull up their follower history. If you see a massive daily drop off you know they have bought their followers.

Here is a person’s Instagram followers that has REAL followers …. notice how she gains new followers every day?

Al that green is the first sign that an account is real. If you lose more followers than you gain every single day, that is usually a way to know that an account is fake. Let’s compare the two side by side.


So if you get hit up from Instagram account @UnitedXModels, Twitter account @SannaOnlyFans, or OnlyFans account @liliz.jean, buyer beware!

If you are contacted by a company who wants to do OnlyFans promo and not sure if they are real, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and I’ll try and check them out for you.



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