What does it take to be in the top 1% at OnlyFans? I found out!

People have speculated for a while what it takes to be in the top 1% at OnlyFans. You see so many people saying how they are in the top 1% but what does that really mean?

I decided to call on some friends in the industry and gather some data. I got 12 wonderful people to allow me access to their accounts to jot down their numbers. Then I took those numbers, along with a chart someone else said was accurate,  to a mathematician and let him figure out the rest for us.

Please note these numbers are based on what a person earned in October 2021 and that means they change from month to month. However, this will give you a basic idea of what you need to earn to be the best of the best on OnlyFans (the highest earners).

Look at how close some of these numbers are.


0.03% $57,924.69
0.07% $57,402.82
0.13% $56,620.26
0.17% $56,098.38
0.18% $55,967.90
0.22% $55,446.02
0.37% $53,488.95
3.90% $7,432.65
4.50% $3,260.22
4.90% $2,915.83
5.10% $2,743.63
6.10% $1,882.64
6.40% $1,624.34
6.70% $1,366.04
6.90% $1,345.51
7.60% $1,273.67
10% $1,027.34
12% $822.06
15% $514.05
25% $427.89
37% $134.60
40% $83.32

And now you know just how much it takes to be in the top 1% of OnlyFans!

For those asking about my method of calculation here is what I did. I took numbers from 12 of my friends accounts that were willing to share such data with me. These were 12 people who we know for sure what they earned and what their percentage was.

For example, we know that if you made $514.15 a month you were ranked 15% or if you made $1,366.04 a month you were ranked 6.7%. With these 12 facts, we were able to hire a mathematician to calculate the other numbers for us. So if you know for a fact that $83.32 = 40% and that $51,923.30 = 0.49% then he just filled in the blanks for the others.

Also, keep in mind these numbers will change from month to month. What it takes to make the top 5% this month won’t be the same next month. They will probably be close but not exact.

Someone else shared this with me. I do not believe it to be completely accurate. I think their 19% and 14% are right, maybe even down to 6.60% because I have a friend who has 6.7% and their number is pretty close to that.  6.70% – $1,366.04.

** Update: I’ve talked with a few more people and I think that the guy I hired to do the math was wrong. I’ve looked at more data, and even with now 23 known numbers, it doesn’t equal the screenshots you see above, but you sure in the heck don’t need to make $40k a month to be in OnlyFans top 1%, so that being said, I’ve removed some of the middle numbers from my original post as I think that is where his calculations were most off.

I also want you to keep in mind that things change every single month. What you needed to learn last month to be in the top 1% isn’t the same that you need to earn this month. While it may be close, the numbers will never be exactly the same.


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