Watching Adult Content In 2019

When it comes to watching adult entertainment movies in 2019 it’s pretty obvious that people’s taste has been changing. For a lot of people, normal porn movies on free sites don’t really do it for them, they want something more.

This is understandable, considering the fact that it gets boring to watch the same sites and the same type of content over and over.

A revolutionary and technological way of enjoying adult entertainment can be found in Virtual Reality. Simply known as VR, this type of movies, allow consumers to feel much more engaged in what’s going on. People feel like they are diving into the adult movie itself and that they are interacting and communicating with their favorite porn stars. Ever since VR came out in 2016 it gained a lot of curiosity among many people but it’s only from 2017 that it’s been reaching high levels of repeated customers and momentum.

Watching VR content requires people to own a VR headset, it can’t be watched by using a laptop or mobile device.

Watching Adult Content In 2019

A great VR headset that has designed and produced to simply watch adult content is the IRIS VR Headset by This technological machine is made in the US, is very comfortable to wear and it has a superior optical system with a very high resolution, giving consumers the greatest VR experience ever.

Compared to many other headsets that work best for VR video games, this headset is made only for VR adult content. It’s priced at $199 so it’s not a prohibitive price.

A lot of porn producers have been shooting plenty of content in VR to satisfy people. Their subscriptions can be costly ($20 or $30 a month). The IRIS headset comes with a bonus. It provides access to a big library of free VR porn movies through their partner site so this definitely a big advantage to consider.

In conclusion, VR is expanding day by day and we can see that this is the direction that porn is heading to. As the world evolves so does the adult entertainment industry.

If you haven’t checked out VR porn, it’s time you do and the Iris would be a good choice to start having fun.

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