Want to make $13,500 for a photo-shoot (after taxes)?

Yeah, don’t we all! LOL

Model recruitment scams are nothing new. You hear about them all the time – like the one most recently on Craigslist about recruiting for Suicide Squad XXX 2.

Some seem legit, but some are so far out there it’s comical and that’s what we have today.

Kandace Kayne tweeted this little gem out.

Playboy Scam

The person claims to be from Playboy looking to hire girls for their “modelling scheme” – yes, they spelled modeling wrong. But that aside, next is the big shocker – they are offering to pay up to $13,500 per shoot (after taxes).

Because yeah, companies always pay so much more than the average rate for a softcore shoot. That totally happens.

Back in reality, most girls are being paid about $300 to $500 for a solo (not hardcore) glamour shoot and some people are paying as little as $150 an hour.

But hey, of course a company in dire financial straights would pay $13,500 for the same shoot that everyone else pays $500 for. I mean that sounds totally legit, right?

I called a friend who has actually done some modeling for Playboy and she tells me that the pay for something like that is anywhere from $250 to $650 for a shoot but in some cases the model can make as little as $100 per hour.

It really just depends on specifically what the photos are going to be used for, and in some cases, her popularity. Playboy will pay a former Playmate more to do lingerie shoots than they would just your average girl next door.

In the end just remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.




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