Is there any truth to the *NEW* hack? Not so fast …..

Today Mike South posted a story about being hacked. He links to a site “Leaked Source” who is calling it the largest hack of 2016.

This story was posted on November 13, 2016. This implies this JUST happened. I mean it would have to be for them to call it the “largest hack of 2016”, right?

But just how legit could this story be?

On October 20, 2016 a similar story came out. Again it references this Leaked Source website as the source of the hack.

Penthouse, Adult FriendFinder databases leak, at least 100 million accounts impacted — CSO Online.

So now you have two stories posted just three weeks apart, each claiming the same thing, but the same source, but they imply they are NEW hacks, something that happened, twice – two different times – once on October 20, 2016 and then again on November 13, 2016. If it is the same hack they referenced in their previous October story, why post it again just today (the same website) as if it were a new story?

They say this hack marks the second time the database has been breached in two years, the first was in May of 2015.

Here’s my problem with this story. Anyone in the know, knows that Penthouse and Adult Friend Finder are no longer the same company.

In addition, their servers have been separate for more than a year now, maybe even as far back as 2014.

So if you hack one, say Penthouse, you can’t also have hacked into the AFF database because they don’t share databases anymore.

So while it is possible there could have been a hack in May of 2015, they couldn’t have gotten any new Penthouse data if they hacked the Adult Friend Finder servers or if they hacked the Penthouse servers they would have gotten any data whatsoever since Penthouse servers would not have had anything about, or

This Leaked Source site already write an article about it in October, now they write it again today November 13, as if it were a NEW story.

That also makes me suspicious.

Next you get this little disclaimer about the story …

After much internal deliberation by the LeakedSource team and for various reasons, we have decided that this data set will not be searchable by the general public on our main page temporarily for the time being*. *Due to these unique circumstances, understandably skeptical journalists can contact us for undeniable proof. Trust us but independently verify our claims.

IF what this site is true, here is some interesting information from the hack. has a lot of members!

  • 2010 1,315,626 new members
  • 2011 1,608,557 new members
  • 2012 1,113,536 new members
  • 2013 604,809 new members members really took off in 2007 but started to die off in 2015 and this year have really had their worst year in a decade.

AFF went from 67 million members in 204, to 17 million in 2015 to now only 6 million in 2016.

That shows us that the dating site model isn’t working and the members are dying off in MASSIVE droves. You don’t go from 67 million members to 6 million without something seriously being wrong.

One of the longest but still hacked passwords was “pussypussymoneymoneyweedweed“. Some of the other interesting passwords were

  • fuckherrightinthepussy
  • sexisthesecretofmyenergy
  • schrodingersfavouritecat
  • whothefuckisalice?
  • ilovemanchesterunited
  • iloveyousomuchdarling123456

The more you read the available data, it looks like the hack, it looks like it was not hacked – it’s Adult Friend Finder who had old Penthouse userdata stored on their servers prior to the split.

No current Penthouse data has been compromised.

If there was a hack, it was most certainly AFF.

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