Stealthing is beyond fucked up!

The NY Post released an article today by some jackass who says he stealths and he’s proud of it. Yet notice he’s not proud enough, or man enough to give his name.

stealthing is a very serious sexual offense

Stealthing, for those of you who don’t know, is where a man pretends to put on a condom or in some cases actually puts it on and removes it secretly during sex.

Before you get any bright ideas, know that stealthing is a very serious sexual offense and, depending on the circumstances, could be prosecuted as rape.

After you read the article below, check out the related article by a victim.


“Stealthing” is the disturbing, non-consensual new trend that sees men secretly remove their condom during sex.

It’s on the rise, according to a harrowing study by Alexandra Brodsky, and victims’ charities say it must be treated as assault.

Now, a man has anonymously spoken out about why he does it.

In an interview with Hack, Brendan* said: “It feels better with no condom on.”

He admitted to “stealthing” partners “most of the time” he’s asked to wear a condom — but added that this “isn’t as often as you might think. People are pretty chilled with doing it bareback.”

Brendan is not afraid of contracting STIs. “I really don’t want to get them pregnant so I definitely wouldn’t be leaving a trace. As for STIs, I don’t want to get them but I would run the risk.”

But he admitted he “definitely” doesn’t get checked between every sexual encounter with a different person.

Brendan, who described himself as “not a dirty-looking guy,” also explained the “stealthing” process: “Pull it out, take it off, put it back in. Everyone’s happy.”

Worryingly, most of his sexual partners haven’t noticed his covert actions — but he has been caught before.

“No one’s ever angry but if someone asks me to put it back on, I’ll put it back on for sure. That’s fair,” he said.

According to Brendan, the woman isn’t “angry” and would usually just ask him to put the contraceptive back on so “it’s safer.”

Brendan doesn’t seem to care about violating the rights of his partner. “I just put one [condom] on and if nothing is said, I take it off. I don’t think it’s breaking the law.

“I’d be more worried about getting an STI than getting someone to pull a lawyer on me for fraud when I’m having sex and I take a condom off.”

Brendan said his controversial views are shared by most of his friends.

While Brendan appears laid-back about his actions, he could face dire consequences.

Ian Kelcey, a senior partner on the criminal law team at Kelcey and Hall Solicitors, believes “stealthing” could potentially be classed as rape.

“If the other party made it a strict condition that they only wanted sex if it was safe, it is possible the courts could construe such activity, post-removal of the condom, as being rape,” he told The Sun Online.

“We are still waiting for a case to come to court at this point but I think that is a possibility.”

Kelcey, who has specialized in cases involving sexual allegations, said he would “caution a man to be very careful about partaking in this activity” as it could have grave repercussions.

He added: “The other consequence is that if the woman were to catch a sexually transmitted disease, it could be deemed to be a serious assault.”

The Crown Prosecution Service told The Sun Online that they could not comment on whether “stealthing” is classed as rape because there hasn’t been a case tried in the UK yet, so it’s unclear how the law would be interpreted.

The Ministry of Justice declined to give an official statement on the issue but said that if any case were brought, it would be up to the prosecution service and judiciary to determine if the act was criminal.

In January, a Swiss court convicted a man of rape after he took off his condom without telling his partner.

The court concluded that the woman would have said no to sex if she had known the condom would be removed.

Katie Russell from Rape Crisis England & Wales told The Sun Online: “Both the law and the Crown Prosecution Service are clear that so-called ‘stealthing’ is a very serious sexual offense and, depending on precise circumstances, could be prosecuted as rape.

“Anyone has the right to consent to one type of sexual activity but not another.”

“If one party has received consent for sex on the basis they wear a condom and then removed the condom without the other person’s knowledge or permission, consent for sex after that point is lost. Sex without consent is rape.”

*Names have been changed

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