Meet The New Bruce Jenner

Meet the new Bruce Jenner. Yep … you read that right …. this man changed his name to Bruce Jenner.

Mark Behar - Bruce Jenner

Mark Behar who has close ties to many in the adult industry (including working as security at the Bunny Ranch), recently legally changed his name to Bruce Jenner. When asked why he did it, he said it was “to return to Bruce Jenner name to its heterosexual roots.” No my friends, I can not make this shit up, this actually really happened.

Mark Behar - Bunny Ranch

Mark Behar bunny ranch

Turns out Mark Behar who is now Bruce Jenner has won 3 AVN awards as well.

mark behar avn awards

Mark Behar now Bruce Jenner was once even featured on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians with Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce Jenner) in 2009 and once acted as Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard.

This isn’t just some publicity stunt. Mark Behar really legally changed his name to Bruce Jenner. Here are the official court documents to prove it.

Mark Behar - ss number

mark behar name change