Ideal Image Models and TeeReel himself caught booking performer without valid STD test!

What if your agent tried to book you for a boy/girl but you weren’t tested. What would you do? Would you lie about it if he asks you to? What would you do if that same agent surprises you with the news that he is also the male talent. That’s what happened to one girl and who knows how many others.

When you hear a rumor that an agent is sending girls out to do scenes who aren’t tested, you think no way, no how. Surely a licensed and bonded agent wouldn’t do something so shady. If anyone ever found out, I mean got actual proof of it, that could really cost them big time. When I first heard this story I quite honestly didn’t believe it. I thought there was no way an agent in LA would do something so shady.

I however was wrong.

Before we get started into the full story let me go on record and say this —

Never work without a full panel test. EVER! Even if your agent tells you it is okay. It’s not. Even if your agent tells you to lie and you won’t get caught. You could and then what?




That’s some serious Mr. Marcus shit right there. Shame on you TeeReel!

For years we’ve been hearing stories about how TeeReel tricks girls into doing their first scene with him through a production deal he has with NetVideoGirls. Girls show up and find out their agent is their male talent and are usually and quite understandably not happy. Especially considering the fact that their “agent” charges them full fees plus the cost to drive them there.

I think most girls feel betrayed because their agent wasn’t up front and honest with them and that I really can understand. I mean wouldn’t you be?

But that’s nothing compared to what he’s doing now! He has reached an all time new low.

I knew that had to be some big reason why Corey left Ideal Image and started his own agency 360 Models. You don’t just pick up and walk away without something happening. Only nobody really knew for sure what that something was.

Sure there were rumors, most of them involving TeeReel’s shady dealings with the talent. But until now, nobody could say for sure what incident was the straw the broke the camels back.

TeeReel met a girl at AVN last year.  She was really a cute girl and quite honestly I’m surprised in the last year we haven’t heard much from her. She’s got potential. But that’s perhaps another story for another day. Today we are talking about how she began her career in porn.

She was booked for her first scene, which was a IR boy/girl. Now TeeReel mind you told his partner Corey that it was a solo scene.

This girl was new to the industry. Keep in mind it was her first scene ever. She didn’t know about things like testing. So she shows up to the set and TeeReel does “a mouth swab in the garage”.

She does the scene and a few days later she is talking to Corey and he asks her how her solo went.

She looked at him as if he was crazy. She explained that it wasn’t a solo it was a boy/girl and how surprised she was that the male talent was TeeReel. When he booked her the scene she had no idea it was going to be an IR scene, let alone that it was going to be with TeeReel.

Corey was confused. “If you did a Boy/Girl then who took you to get tested?” The girl explained to Corey that they did “a mouth swab in the garage”.

It was at that point Corey sat the girl down and explained how the whole testing thing in porn worked. He explained that the industry requires a valid test. At Talent Testing they do what is known as the Gold Standard Panel (GSP) which covers …

  • HIV-1 NAT
  • HBsAg
  • Anti-HCV
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomonas Vaginalis
  • Syphilis (RPR)

A mouth swap test is simply a at home testing kit you can get at any drug store that only tests for HIV and isn’t all that reliable. It also doesn’t test for other STDs. The girl was, as you can imagine, shocked and horrified that TeeReel would do something that shady.

Cory then contacted TeeReel and asked why the hell he was booking girls without valid tests. He gives some bullshit excuse and well … that what all she wrote. Corey left and started 360 Models.

Now before TeeReel gets all butt hurt and says he is going to call his lawyer on me yet again, which mind you he threatens all the time – I HAVE PROOF! I not only spoke to the girl in question, and Corey but I have the actual text messages of TeeReel himself admitting he did it!

That’s right – I have proof of TeeReel admitting he booked a talent without a valid test for Net Video Girls.

And if he did it once, how many other times has he done it?


I reached out to to ask them what they thought about the shady shit TeeReel was doing while producing movies for their website, as it puts them in potential serious legal trouble, but they did not get back with me.

I just wonder how many of the scenes on the NetVideoGirls website feature performers who weren’t tested?

If if the person doing the scenes is willing to lie about the tests and trick girls about who the male talent is, what else is going on over there? Are all the IDs valid? Are we sure everyone is really over 18? Or did TeeReel say to lie about that as well?



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