Ideal Image Models now working with illegal immigrant with possible fake id

Jarushka Ross is a heavily tatted, large busted, porn performer who is from the Czech Republic who may be using a fake ID.


From what I am told, she’s in America legally on a tourist visa and she is allowed to be here for like 6 months on that visa but there are some circumstances where she can get that extended even longer.

However what she is not allowed to do while in the United States is work. She is not legally allowed to work while in the US on a tourist visa.

If she is caught and let’s be real, you know she is going to be caught – it’s only a matter of time since so many people now know what she is here doing, she faces not only being arrested, and deported but also she faces not being able to return to the United States for ten years, and in some cases, never depending on the circumstances when they first arrest her. Like if she is caught where drugs are found then they are likely to be harsher on her.

She is currently traveling with two small dogs who are not potty trained. As a result of her neglect of those two dogs, she has been kicked out of at least two different model houses that I know of.

Because she is traveling with pets, this is why OC Modeling said they would not allow her to stay at their modeling house.

According to Jarushka, when she arrived in the US, Sandra from OC Modeling sent her to Arizona to get an Arizona state ID.

They then used that ID to get a California ID. I’m not sure why they did that, but I guess to prevent some producers from asking to many questions? I’m not 100% sure because to be honest it’s REALLY hard to understand any thing Jarushka says. Her accent is heavy.

Now any producer who hires her while she is here in the US runs into one tiny problem – 2257. Because Jarushka Ross is here in the US working illegally they may run into distribution issues with their content. That aside, they of course also face fines if they get caught hiring her since again, she’s not allowed to work while she’s here.

Now let’s talk about the next problem. She reports that she is 25 years old. Here is a recent photo.


Does she look 25 to you?

Ideal Image Models (her new agent) also say she is 25.


Is she showing an ID that says this? Because I have an ID of hers that states she is 33, not 25.

Even if she is clearly over 18 and she is, the law is the law and that means you must have a VALID ID to be in porn. If this girl is using a fake ID, that in itself is an issue not only for her, but a more serious one for the producer who then may run into distribution issues and that means their content may never be able to be sold.

Do you realize how much money that could cost a studio?

So why would an agent rep a girl they know is working in the country illegally?

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