Aletta Ocean gets hacked! Protect your own account now!

November is officially National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it’s also the time I year I write a post to nag you into updating your security protocols.

The incredibly beautiful porn star Aletta Ocean announced the other day on twitter that she had to get a new Instagram account.

Aletta Ocean

Her new one by the way is the way, friends and fans can follow Aletta Ocean on twitter @ALETTAOCEANXXXX.

So why did she have to get a new Instagram account? Turns out her old one was hacked and not only that, they are trying to ransom it back to her!

Aletta Ocean Hacked


So let’s take a moment to make sure that your social media accounts are safe and secure.

#1 Always use a long, complicated password. Don’t use easy passwords like love123. Use a combination of numbers and both upper and lowercase numbers. I like to make up passwords using a word or phrase. I turn something like I Love You into …


Instead of the letter i I use the number 1. Instead of spelling love correctly, I change it up using a combination of letters (upper and lower) and numbers, but it looks like love. So love because LuV3. Next instead of spelling you, or even using using the letter U, I spell it y0#. That’s a zero (the number) not the letter o.

#2 Never use the same password for different sites. Make sure your twitter password is different than your Instagram password.

#3 Setup the two step verification. It could be a lifesaver. This means that if someone wants to try and change your password they have to have your phone to get the code.

Your social media accounts are a big part of what you do and your brand. Don’t lose them. Can you imagine having to start over? Dillion Harper is having to do just that. She is no longer @dillionharper. She’s now having to rebuild @trdillionharper from scratch.

So please take a moment. Stop whatever you are doing right now and update your social media passwords. Protect yourself!