How To Apply at Arousr as a Sex Chat Host

Hello lovely ladies, if you made it here then you are interested in a new revenue stream working as a sex chat host. Arousr is a discreet service offered to a vast clientele of men looking to spend money and have their sexual desires, kinks, and fetishes met online. You can be a sex chat host from the comfort and safety of your own home, you never need to meet our members (in fact that is forbidden) and your real identity stays safe with management at Arousr HQ.  

We are always looking for new sex chat hosts. If you spend a lot of time chatting, texting, and flirting with men online this could be a very exciting opportunity to turn that time into extra income. All you need is to be 18+, have a sexually open-mind, and strong drive to succeed. Your success is totally up to you with the Arousr platform. Below is a How-To apply at Arousr checklist to help you get approved and chat in no time. 

Step One

Screen Name: This is a model name you will choose for yourself. You cannot use your real name, for your own safety and privacy this is forbidden. Your screen name will be your alias on Arousr. Pick something that suits you, are you sweet or sexy? It’s totally up to you how you want to present yourself online and what kind of chatter you want to attract. For those who are less creative, you can simply pick a fake name. Go through a phone book/search engine and pick a female fake name you like. Voila! You now have your model name to chat under on Arousr.

Step Two

Photos: You must take at least 3 good photos to apply to Arousr. Prior to applying you need to take between 3-5 well-lit photos that show off your best attributes. Full body waist up photos are required here.

Skip the Snapchat filters (men hate them) and go for a more natural approach. We want to see you at your best!  Make-up is suggested to be camera-ready, a sexy pose, and enticing lingerie/clothing unless you’re more into nudes.

Sex sells, not casual photos of you in your onesie pajamas or sweats. Channel your inner vixen and let your personality shine in your application photos. These photos will be used on your main profile if your application is approved, therefore how good they are will increase your chances of being successful. Don’t worry if you don’t have a professional camera, any smartphone photo will do as long as you have good lighting. Try taking your photos in the daytime near a window if you don’t have any ring lights. 

How To Apply at Arousr as a Sex Chat Host

Step Three

Verification Photos: This is an additional photo we require at Arousr to match your identity to the Government ID  (Drivers License, Passport) image you send in to verify your age. This can be a simple selfie taken of yourself (only you can be in any photos you submit to Arousr). Make sure your face is well lit in this photo as well. Use a piece of blank paper to write “Arousr” on by hand in visible marker/pen. You will need to hold this paper up near your face and take a photo with the full Arousr sign visible. Alternatively, you may also write “Arousr” on your body in a non-permanent marker or makeup to verify the photo is of you.

Step Four

Videos: You must provide Arousr with 2 short video clips introducing yourself to potential chatters on the platform. It must only be you in these videos and they can be nude, non-nude, lingerie, or you in sexy clothing. 

First video clip:

“Hi there, my name is (insert model name here) and I’m excited to chat with you today! Get a hold of me so we can get to know each other” 

Second video clip:

“What turns you on? Want to know what turns me on? Hit up my profile and I’ll tell you my secrets”

Whatever you feel best suits you is what we want to see as your opening introduction video clips. Being creative on Arousr is key to find your niche. Be a tease, even if you are a full nude chat host, be coy in how much you show in your intro. This will entice the chatters to buy the content you create once approved on the Arousr portal. You can sell your images and videos once you are approved at whatever price you feel they are worth. Keep that in mind whenever you are updating your public profile photos/introduction videos. 

How To Apply at Arousr as a Sex Chat Host

Step Five

Sit back, relax, and wait a few business days to hear back from management at Arousr HQ. They will review your photos, introduction videos, and ID to get you up and chatting ASAP. When you follow all the steps listed above you will have zero issues getting your model profile approved and you will be making money chatting in no time!

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