4 Trends That Started as Fetishes

The term fetish is one that has a lot of different associations, and whether those associations are positive or negative very much depends on who you are speaking to.

Fetishism used to be talked about as a kind of perversion. However, now people are more open to the idea of fetish being a variant of sexuality that can be talked about openly. So much so in fact, that many things that used to be considered ‘taboo’ are now becoming quite mainstream!

The leather catsuit

When you think about fetishes, your mind probably immediately goes to a leather or PVC bodysuit such as you might see in a fetish club. However, these items of clothing have been part of mainstream culture since as long ago as the 1960s.

Remember the British secret agent series the New Avengers? Mrs. Peel wore a leather catsuit throughout, adding to her sex appeal of course but actually not a terrible fashion choice in terms of safety! Motorcyclists wear leather jumpsuits because it’s such a tough and durable material that it can keep them safe in the event of a crash.

The leather catsuit has appeared in cinema numerous times, most recently worn by Marvel’s Black Widow.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing used to be confined to seedy clubs and looked down on by a lot of people. However, now people are starting to see its health benefits!

It takes an incredible amount of strength, coordination, and flexibility to dance around a pole and look graceful while you are doing it.

Pole dancing classes are becoming increasingly popular in city centers worldwide as people have become aware of the numerous health benefits that pole dancing can provide. Not only does pole dancing provide a great cardio and strength workout that is guaranteed to tone you all over, but it’s a great tool for body positivity. Pole studios are safe places where people can express themselves, without fear of judgment. We all need a little bit more of that in our lives.


The pleaser is a type of high heeled shoe with a platform, widely worn by dancers and sex workers alike. Its shape causes the illusion of a high arch and an elongated leg which makes the wearer look fantastic, so it’s no wonder that this type of shoe has become popular in the mainstream! Take a look at the range of pleasers on wickedwandas.ca and you’ll see why people love them.

Fetish in high fashion

Ever since the liberation movements of the 1970s, fetish has made appearances in high fashion.

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood famously opened a shop in London called ‘Sex’ where she sold bondage-style trousers, corsets, and rubber stockings both to real fetishists and to people who were simply looking to break taboo.

Corsetry and fetishized materials have also made appearances in the collections of designers such as Jean-Paul Gautier and Thierry Mugler. Jean-Paul Gautier has actually been described as having pioneered fetish fashion, paving the way for designers after him to make use of the beautiful materials and designs that might previously never have been seen by the general public.


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