How to Enhance Your Sex Appeal: Tips for Women

One of the best ways to become more attractive for men is to use their advice. Although what seems appealing to one man doesn’t work with another, there are certain details that (almost) all men find sexy and mesmerizing in women’s appearance and character. We’ve analyzed numerous surveys and sociological researchers to come up with 5 women’s features that are considered magnetic by men. Based on that information, we devised several tips for girls.

sex appeal

Use the power of your perfume.

Within every man lives a savage that likes not only to look at his “prey” but also touch taste, and smell. Every girl realizes the importance of her looks because men love with their eyes. However, men feel sexual attraction on a deeper level, and women’s scent is one of those factors that trigger it. There is no need to buy expensive perfumes – you should choose the one that will harmoniously combine with your natural scent. If you use an antiperspirant, make sure it harmonizes with the aromas of your cosmetics and your main perfume.

Show your femininity.

There are many stereotypes about femininity. Of course, most men will find a long-haired girl wearing a dress and high heels more feminine than a girl dressed in jeans and heavy boots. However, even the latter can have feminine features that are expressed in her moves, posture, and behavior. Don’t be ashamed of your femininity because it’s natural and beautiful. Reveal it to the extent that is comfortable for you and sometimes try to leave your comfort zone. It’s important to understand that weakness, tearfulness, and affectation are not the feminine features. Modesty, sensitivity, and good manners – this is what femininity is about.

Be vivacious.

There is a type of the so-called sad but mysterious women. Although this melancholic type is attractive in its own way, these women are not the best partners for life. In fact, men like cheerful, active, and funny girls. Few men would like to have an ever-depressed, annoyed, and sad person by their side. Women, show your openness to the world, try your hand at something new, and don’t hesitate to tell people about your accomplishments and plans. If you’re active and open, men feel it and get interested in you.

Remember that the devil is in the details.

There is an old adage saying that men fall in love with girl’s dimple, then marry the whole girl. And this is true since men fall for details and get sexually aroused by minor things. There is a paradox – men don’t usually notice small details and even ignore them deliberately. For example, a man doesn’t always notice his woman got a new hairstyle, bought a new dress; or he doesn’t know the color of her eyes. The point is that men have selective attention which means that they see only those details that amazed them or get them interested. Trifles contribute to a general impression: gestures, vivid elements in clothes, manners and typical words, laughter and minor habits. That is why try to analyze your image and inspect yourself in terms of those “trifles”. There can be some negative ones, such as untidy manicure. Just believe, many men will pay attention to your nails, so get them in order.

Moderate your sexuality.

Women’s sex appeal is a complicated phenomenon. If a woman arouses a heightened interest in her sexuality, men view her as less attractive. It’s a paradox but it’s true. Since men get excited using their fantasy, you don’t need a low-necked dress or a short skirt to attract them sexually. Dress casually but always add one sexy detail such as high heels, leather trousers, or thigh high stockings. The keyword here is “one” – let men’s imagination complete your image.


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