Does Naughty America owe you money? Class action lawsuit may be in the works.

For years now there have been rumblings of money problems over at Naughty America. Some website owners have spoken of being owned tens of thousands through their affiliate program ‘Naughty Revenue’.

After years of trying to get answers or paid on their own, a small group of these website owners have band together to file a class action suit. They are now calling for anyone else owed money by Naughty America asking that if you too have been ignored or had your account closed without cause, email

A representative says “There’s a dedicated lawyer ready to proceed with a collective claim to get all of us paid. There will be some reasonable fee at the end from the actual payout.  NaughtyAmerica won’t be able to simply dismiss such collective suit since there will be enough money involved to sue them and it also raises fraud allegations above them.

We are owed over 100k in revshare affiliate fees by NA.

The debt started to grow back in 2015. We were promised to get paid all of the time until they banned our affiliate acc. Now they refuse to pay. We are looking for more people whom NaughtyAmerica/NaughtyRevenue might owe some money to proceed with a legal action to make them pay. There were 3 people owed more or around 100k that got paid once they claimed their money earlier in 2018. ”



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