Be careful before dealing with – @Legal_porno doesn’t pay!

Porn industry sensation Megan Rain tweeted out a very important message today to her followers that I wanted to share with you all so you didn’t fall victim either.

It seems a company (@legalporno_, @legal_porno and @fundsex) has hired several girls to do scenes in Mexico. But the problem is, once you get there and do the work, they don’t pay.

So far we know this has happened to both Megan Rain and Samantha Rone. There appears to be others as well.

As far as Megan Rain goes, they shot with her a month ago and still haven’t paid her.

One of the scenes in question was an intense anal, group sex with double penetration and ATOGM. The scene included Megan Rain with Jenn Stefani and atleast two other unknown male talent.

Megan Rain




“Aftermath picture of yesterday’s shoot with@littlesexbuddha @maria_devine12 @ChrisStrokesxxx for @FUNDSEX #sineplex”


“#gooeybuns #creapie #orgy #sineplex coming soon!”


All Megan Rain wants is to be paid for the work she’s done. Is that really so much to ask?

Some Megan Rain (@littlesexbuddha) tweets —

SO LET ME TELL YOU GUYS SOMETHING ABOUT @legal_porno @FUNDSEX after seeing @SamanthaRone1 ‘s tweet about not being paid for her Scenes that she did. I decided to take it upon myself to check on my own direct deposit only to find out @legal_porno @FUNDSEX HAS NOT Paid me either!! I’ve spoken to my agency and because of this fucked up, unprofessional, sleezy agency has to pay me from Their own money….@legal_porno @FUNDSEX is a shit company out in Mexico who has not paid me or @SamanthaRone1 for our work!!

My agency and I refuse to work with @legal_porno @FUNDSEX EVER again

Sorry. I just can’t stay classy when I’m mad. But Javier Vazquez is a sleez ball&a piece of shit. NEVER HAVE I EVER HAD A PROBLEM LIKE THIS

I’ve been to Europe twice to shoot and not one company has fucked me over. But you.. @legal_porno @FUNDSEX I’m extremely furious!!

@littlesexbuddha @legal_porno @FUNDSEX was it the same place in Mexico?

Yes it was. Whoever chose Javier Vasquez to be in charge made the wrong choice. He’s screwing the wrong girls