Can you get HIV from oral sex? Yes you can.

In my article the other day we realized that Bangbros out of Florida and possibly other producers are working with talent who aren’t fully test. When I spoke with other producers the thought seems to be that there isn’t really any risk of getting HIV from just oral sex.

I decided to look into this and it turns out there are in fact documented cases of people getting HIV from a blowjob.

“When ejaculation occurs during fellatio, the risk of HIV transmission rises; researchers debate what the rate of transmission is but most estimates are between 1 and 10 percent (according to HIV pulse magazine).”

Between a 1 and 10% chance of getting HIV from oral sex if the guy blows his load in your mouth — if the guy has HIV – but how do you know if he has it or not if you don’t have a test? Are you willing to take up to a 10% chance of getting HIV by performing with someone who doesn’t have a valid HIV test? I WOULD HOPE NOT!

Oral sex is much less risky than anal or vaginal sex – but HIV still can enter through open cuts and sores, or possibly by infecting the lining of the mouth. There are some documented cases of people getting HIV through their mouth.

Once semen gets past the mouth, stomach acid and enzymes in the esophagus kill the virus. So swallowing or spitting out semen (cum or precum) reduces your risk for HIV, compared with letting it sit in your mouth.

Remember – Spit or Swallow, Don’t Let it Wallow.


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