How California Prop 60 fucks affiliates

If you think this so called condom law doesn’t suck for you, because you are just a lowly affiliate, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, some people may argue that it matters more to you than a porn star who starred in the movie, because you face the very real possibility of getting sued.

Although you may not have produced the movie in question and are obviously not an adult film producer, you do have a financial interest in the adult film.

As an affiliate paid to promote the movie, you “financial interest” just landed you in the proverbial hot seat.

It all comes down to making money off of condom-less scenes. If you are making money off of a scene that the performers didn’t wear condoms, you face potential repercussions.

And if Prop 60 passes, ANY person who lives in the State of California can file a claim against you for a violation of this law.

The scary part is, the average person won’t know where or when the scene was shot so as a result, they could file a false claim against you and then it would be YOUR financial responsibility to defend yourself, or risk a default judgement against you.

Can you really afford all those legal bills?

Even worse, can you really afford a default judgement against you?

Because then what happens when they got a large default judgement and they are looking to collect and that means you could lose your house.

Long story short, if you live in the state of California, Prop 60 sucks and it’s important you get out there and vote against it.



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