Did your agent give you herpes? — Someone might be going to jail!!

If you answered yes to this question then chances are, your agent is Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models – or so says the latest rumor!

It seems now that he’s no longer legally licensed in the state of California, he’s been rather busy and I don’t mean that in a good way. At least two models have now come forward to say that they got herpes after having sex with their agent, Riley Reynolds.

Apparently he also now requires all new talent to have sex with him for this website he is trying to start called Hussie Auditions even though he knows he has herpes.

Only as it turns out there are some very strict laws against being able to do this in the state of Florida, where all of this has been taking place.

Like California, the state of Florida has their very own set of laws regarding talent agents. If you are acting as an agent in the state of Florida, you are subject to these laws.

This particular section of the law may be of interest to Riley over at Hussie Models.

468.415 – Sexual misconduct in the operation of a talent agency.The talent agent-artist relationship is founded on mutual trust. Sexual misconduct in the operation of a talent agency means violation of the talent agent-artist relationship through which the talent agent uses the relationship to induce or attempt to induce the artist to engage or attempt to engage in sexual activity. Sexual misconduct is prohibited in the operation of a talent agency. If any agent, owner, or operator of a licensed talent agency is found to have committed sexual misconduct in the operation of a talent agency, the agency license shall be permanently revoked. Such agent, owner, or operator shall be permanently disqualified from present and future licensure as owner or operator of a Florida talent agency.

But then again I guess he wouldn’t care about such a law since he’s not legally licensed to conduct business in the state of Florida.

That issue aside, let’s go back to the fact that he’s been giving these girls he represents an STD – an incurable STD – specifically HERPES.

I bet Mindgeek won’t be happy to hear that at least one of these incidents took place in the Cam Soda house – which is owned by them.

As we learned with Mr. Marcus, anyone who knows they have an STD and doesn’t disclose it, faces both civil and criminal charges. Yes my friends, this means JAIL TIME and it only takes one of the girls to sign the complaint.

The others, and from what I am told there are quite a few others, don’t even have to come forward. Although it would be nice because I am told the more they can get to sign the criminal complaint, the longer jail time he’ll serve.

Maybe if he would spend less time sending out letters to producers claiming his enemies license isn’t legit and more time focusing on his own business, he wouldn’t be facing the very serious legal trouble he is about to have.

I wonder what MOFOs and Cheetah Lounge down in Miami will have to say about this considering they often use him as male talent?

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