Adriana Chechik kicked out of Dream Hotel

Adriana Chechik went viral a couple of years ago while in Vegas for urinating in public, on the Las Vegas strip. This is in addition to the time she urinated on an escalator. Yes, on purpose.

Not much later, she was caught having sex on the AVN show floor. This act was witnessed by many, including members of the media … which is how I found out about it, a reporter called me about it. This is not only a violation of the law but also a big problem for the organizations of the AVN show, because the city of Las Vegas may choose not to allow the show to be held in Las Vegas in the future if this kind of thing continues.

But that isn’t all.

Adriana Chechik also publicly admitted to urinating in an uber, and then tweeted, bragging about it.

Adriana Chechik peed in uber


She is also a known prostitute.  Listen I’m not hating on someone who escorts. I’m just stating facts. So it’s no surprise to anyone that she is placed on a watch list.

So when she checked into a hotel and began filming content, they asked her to leave.

She went to Twitter and acted like she didn’t know why she would be on a list. SERIOUSLY?!?!


Adriana Chechik kicked out of Dream Hotel


This is the Dream Hotel’s policy.


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