Race Play Videos is Big Business But is it Racist?

Race play videos are big business. Just ask the guys over at Facial Abuse who run a website called Black Payback where the black guy calls the girl names like dumb white whore.

Mia Khalifa rose to fame playing the role of a middle easterner.

Here is another example of race play. It’s my personal favorite. Girl power! 😛

Race play

Then you have the most obvious example of race place. This one stars Shane Desiel.

Race play

In 2015 a webcam performer earned $30,000 for doing a show in Nazi gear.

Michelle McGee who was famous for fucking the then married Jesse James (former husband of porn star Janine) also dressed up as a Nazi.

A few years ago MindGeek created a website called Border Patrol Sex, a website that shows border patrol agents catching females trying to cross the border from Mexico into the US illegally.  They are taken into custody, forced to have sex with the border patrol agents and then sent back to Mexico.  After a ton of backlash, they eventually sold the site to the people who own ModelCentro/Fancentro.

Believe it or not, as fucked up as this type of thing may be, this type of porn can be really lucrative.

The problem is, it’s becoming harder to make money doing it. Clips4Sale started taking down the videos that feature this type of “fetish”. Webcam companies are also blocking it from happening on their platforms.

The girl who made all that money in 2015 from her Nazi act, ended up having her account closed.

A video entitled “White Lives Matter”, which included a lot of racial slurs and humiliation in it, which was created by a black female was removed from a clip store.

What do you think?

Is it all fair in love and war? Or do you consider race play videos wrong?

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