Was Nikki Benz abused on a Brazzers set? Did someone actually #rape a pornstar?

The end of 2016 has not been a good one for our industry. First Tori Black makes a series of videos accusing ArchAngel director MimeFreak of rape and domestic violence. Next Michael Vegas goes on a twitter rant calling porn stars hookers.

And now Nikki Benz reveals she had a serious problem on a recent shoot for Brazzers.

Nikki Benz Brazzers Rape

Here are all of her tweets about them (in order)

Nikki Benz

After today my phone be off. I’m just sharing my life today with you because I know u wanna know


This year has been full of ups and downs,& after the most horrific scene I filmed right before Bali…I deserve this! Trust…I’m not happy
But I’m letting shit go…have fun releasing it. I’m not ok with it!!!
…as an ambassador, you should have never put me in that kind of situation. Good luck.

Try me 😉

I guess rape scene are in now huh?

I guess when I’m signing out and I tell you I’m not ok with the scene, you make me say I’m ok so I get paid.

I’ll go on CNN and tell the truth. I have zero to hide

Happy Holidays!

What actually happened? I honestly don’t know anything more than you do after reading her series of tweets. All we can say for sure is that Nikki Benz is a brand ambassador for Brazzers so why is she being put in a situation where she is not happy?

Why does she feel abused?

Why did the producers make her say it was okay just so she could get paid?

A few days ago she tweeted the following thing. I’m not sure if this was the scene in question but it was only two days ago, so perhaps it was.

Good morning. Happy Saturday to all. I’ll post pics from set shortly.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry, but the floor on set was full of lube & me wearing nylons, not realizing lube was there = sprained wrist

The shit that performers have to deal with for the art of porn. Ok 2016 you’re officially an asshole. What a terrible year…

…but yeah I totally ate shit on set today. Not a graceful fall.

I truly appreciate those directors who genuinely care about their actors well being. S/O

Now let’s talk about this use of the word rape. We’ve been hearing about it a lot lately.

I want to define what rape actually means.

Rape means sex carried out against the will of the other person. If a person does not consent or isn’t able to get a valid consent, it is rape. Sex carried out by force or under threat is rape.

Does that mean she was raped? We don’t know because we weren’t there. While the producer (or director??) threatening to not pay her if she doesn’t agree with what happened to her on set is surely fucked up beyond words and probably even criminal, we don’t know what else happened I can’t say or not if it was rape, at least by legal definition.

Fucked up, yes. Without a doubt that is fucked up. Rape? I don’t know. That’s hard to say without knowing more of the story.

Nikki Benz deserves to be treated with respect on set as does any performer.

I hope that Brazzers does the right thing and fires everyone involved in this fiasco and then outs the fuckers!

 Nikki Benz does a lot of work with Brazzers. She’s under contract with them for Christ’s sake. She even does mainstream stuff for them. Here is a really cute video she did with Allie Haze for Brazzers on YouTube.


Nikki Benz

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