You never know who knows who in this business!

The adult industry is a small place, smaller than some people seem to realize. And that’s the very reason why it’s important you watch what you say to others online.

It’s easy to get upset and say things that perhaps you shouldn’t, but it’s more than just about getting butthurt. Those things you said could very well cost you or your company big time, even in ways you don’t realize.

Customer Service

Let’s take a look at a companies affiliate manager who one day actually said this to an affiliate …


You’re so little of a drop in the bucket [or not at all] I’d happily let **** take your yearly earnings out of my paycheck so we didn’t have to deal with you. 


I censored the name of the company as to not embarrass them for hiring such a dumb ass.

Now it may seem like an isolated incident, or not a big deal, because hey, it’s just one person they were rude to. But sometimes people know people that know people that know people.

Not all affiliates may be a big fish, but does that make it okay to treat them like shit?

Of course not! Affiliate managers are in a customer service role and their job is to treat people with respect, no matter if that person is a big fish or a small one.

But why? Because …. you never know if one day that small fish will become a big fish and you never know what or who that small fish might know.

Case in point, what if the person this affiliate manager said that too knew some vital information regarding a multi-million dollar lawsuit that company was currently involved in. A piece of information so damning against the people suing said company, it would all but ensure a win.

Now that the “little drop in the bucket” could save that company millions of dollars in this lawsuit most are confident they will lose — but since this person was treated so badly, why would they stick their neck out to help them?

Right this very moment depositions are going on with this company. The “little drop in the bucket” could have had plans to pick up the phone on Tuesday and call their lawyer, Karen Tynan and reveal the big secret.

But now? Something tells me this insignificant little drop in the bucket” is going to let that company burn in hell.

I mean, wouldn’t you?

The point I’m trying to make is this …. everyone you know, no doubt knows someone else. The problem is, you don’t know who they know.

So next time you want to attack someone online, keep this in mind. Friends have friends and so do enemies. So if you want to ensure you have a long, happy and healthy life or a successful business, remember this lesson.

Or hey, just keep treating people like shit. I’m sure that will work out well for your company.


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