Mile High settles unauthorized location lawsuit

Mile High media has been fighting a lawsuit since March by a homeowner who was nothing short of pissed off that the company used her home to shoot pornography without her permission.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name Mile High Media, you might know them better as Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, Doghouse Digital or Reality Junkies. Mile High Media also produces a series of gay and transsexual movies many of which are directed by Nica Noelle through brands like TransRomantic Films, Icon Male and TransSensual Films.

Nica Noella, who calls Massachusetts home, according to the lawsuit, was involved in filming multiple adult movies at a location without permission.

This is the location, a house in Martha’s Vinyard.

Leah Bassette

The owner Leah Bassett, not only filed suit for breach of contract, violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, trespassing and also for copyright infringement, a case much easier to prove. As it turns out in Nica Noella’s movies they had filmed artwork created by Leah Bassett, the homeowner (without her permission) and as such that violates the artist’s copyright.

Once the suit was filed Nica Noella did as she has done many times in the past against those she didn’t like, took her complaints and hate against the homeowner to social media, saying that the lawsuit was motivated by “homophobia and transphobia”.

Being attacked online by Nica Noella didn’t sit well with the homeowner, who mind you is the victim in this case, so she filed an amendment to her complaint, demanding the people from Mile High stop slandering her character as a retaliatory response to her initiation of the lawsuit.

After filming her complaint, the company had the balls to demand the homeowner be issued a gag order, not allowing her to speak to the public about the case, this is despite the fact that Nica Noella was using social media to do the same to her.

Anyone who has ever had any dealings with Nica Noella would of course not be surprised by this. In can recall a horrible incident she was involved in around February of last year where she began placing the photos of an industry members wife on Facebook, saying how old and ugly she was. Many people joined in the conversation telling their own stories of dealing with what most referred to as a downright “nut job” or “unstable”. One particular person said, “Yes highly unprofessional.  Disagree with someone, even call them a name, fine but posting photos of a person’s family with disparaging remarks about them when you don’t even know them is vindictive and repulsive.”

I’m very surprised that Mile High Media continues to work with her especially after her causing this lawsuit to be brought down on them.

On September 14, 2018, the homeowner went to mediation with TLA Entertainment Group, (, a website which was reportedly offering these videos online for sale. The homeowner and TLA came to an undisclosed agreement and in exchange, the homeowner agreed to drop TLA Entertainment from her lawsuit with Nica Noella and Mile High Media.

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, they rest finally agreed to a settlement which has not been disclosed and as such, she agrees to drop her case.

An interesting part of this case is that the homeowner didn’t just go after Mile Hile but also everyone involved in the production including the performers. SAhe fought vigorously for the legal names and last known physical addresses of each third-party distributor, retailer, actor and crewmember, involved in marketing, selling or creating the films and stills shot at her house.

For years I’ve been warning girls, be careful when you are doing something illegal, even if part of a paid shoot because you too could be held liable. This especially includes those Public Bang shoots in Miami because getting busted on those could land you on the sex offenders list! Do you really want to be on the sex offenders database?

Remind me again why they would continue to do business with Nica Noelle? Hasn’t she cost the company enough?



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