Jenny Blighe Warns Others Against Working with Evil Angel

Jenny Blighe (@JennyBlighe) wants to start the new year off right and by warning anyone thinking of working with Evil Angel Video, based on her own previous horrific experiences with them. Before you agree to do a scene with them, just read her words first – forewarned is forearmed.

Jenny Blighe Warns Others Against Working with Evil Angel

Remember when a specific girl said the reason i was actually upset ab EA being a big sack of SHIT was bc i was told by my “secret bf” to be upset (super logical) & that i dont like rough sex. I LOVE rough sex. Idc who you are, you should know it’s going to be rough beforehand.

For all camgirls out there… for ur SAFETY DO NOT WORK W @EvilAngelVideo!!!! They lie and apparently have the power to even make talent lie ab your experience at all. If i had one wish for 2019 it’s that NO CAMGIRL gets taken advantage by this POS company. They DO NOT care ab u.

It’s been almost a year since i filmed this movie that still horrifies me to this day! If they contact you, they will say anything to get you in their scene. I did a 3 hour interview. They used 3min TOPS of it. I was naive to think those were real ?s. They ONLY care ab the scene.

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