Hussie Models is not a licensed and bonded agency

A little birdie today told me that Hussie Models isn’t licensed and bonded to do business in the state of California, despite what it says on their website.


I checked with the state of California and sure enough, his agency is not licensed.

This of course means anyone who has a contract with Hussie Models can consider that contract null and void since he’s not a licensed agent.

Of course the person who told me this information wouldn’t have bothered had Riley, the owner of Hussie Models not called me a “bitch” just the other day apparently. Well who’s the bitch now Riley? I know I’m being petty, but when a man threatens to punch you, see how you feel about them.

Anywho … contracts to any of the girls under contract with Hussie Models, because you don’t have to hire a lawyer to get out of your contract with him. He made it easy because your contract is now null and void.

Don’t worry, he’s not licensed and bonded in Florida either.



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