Hey Motley Models … Pot, Kettle, Black?

A few months ago Dave from Motely Models condemned another agent for asking producers not to shoot with a particular talent because she ran out without paying him the thousands of dollars she owed him. Dave even had his friend from X-Art contact the agent in question and berate him for such “unprofessional behavior”. Actually his exact words were “Your choices here are not merely unprofessional, they are clearly actionable under California Law.

Fast forward a few months and the little girl who ripped off the first agent, did it to Motely Models too.

Motley Models

We booked her several great shoots and then took her to AVNs for promotion. After AVN’s she went back to Colorado for a break and scheduled to come out early Feb. Per her request, she asked us to book her travel from CO to LA to start her next trip, she never used that ticket and never contacted us.  We tried reaching out to her several times, no responses. Now we hear she’s emailed many of you saying she’s self-booking. My only thought as to why she is doing this on her own is because she’s trying to skip out on her balance with us instead of handling her business like a professional. Please don’t encourage this behavior.

She is indeed under contract with us as we are a legitimate licensed agency in good standing with the CA DLSE. Any bookings that she receives directly are still subject to a booking fee and 15% to our agency. Therefore, if you have an interest in shooting her, I ask that you do the right thing and tell her you’d like to run it through Motley. We run a business just like you. Any time a Motley girl has done wrong by a client, we are always there to step up, I hope you have our back too.

When the girl in question left her first agent, Dave from Motley Models was warned. A leopard does not change it’s spots. Once a person screws someone chances are, they are going to screw you too. It’s just how it works. But Motley Models choose not to listen. Instead he went on the attack saying it was horrible that the first agent would tell producers not to book her. Now he’s doing the exact same thing.

Funny how that works.

When you steal a talent that just fucked an agent out of thousands of dollars, she’s one day going to fuck you too. Promise. that’s just how it works.

Just remember that next time you want to sign a girl who didn’t pay her last agent.





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