Heather Vahn Lands Cover of Strip LV Magazine

Exotic beauty Heather Vahn is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Strip Las Vegas Magazine which is available on newsstands, in stores, and online today. Strip LV is an international magazine that has created a strong and loyal fan base with its imagery and content.

Heather Vahn Lands Cover of Latest Issue of Strip Las Vegas Magazine

“I am very happy to be featured in Strip LV magazine for the third time, which is a charm they say.  It is important to me to represent Las Vegas as it is my hometown,” says Vahn. “In particular, getting to be part of a magazine that specializes in all of the naughtiness this great city of sin has to offer is the icing on this devil’s food cake. That is the ultimate appeal of Strip LV. Even as a youth in Nevada, long before I was the legal age to engage in carnal acts for pay, and certainly before I could purchase one of these great magazines for myself, I was still drawn to them. My favorite adult actors and actresses were always regularly spotlighted. Scott’s work has always carried a certain ambiance, of which I have always obsessed over and collected like baseball cards. His photographs are stellar.”


You can read the full interview with Heather Vahn by clicking here or they can subscribe to the magazine by going to www.StripLV.com.

You can follow her on Twitter @heathervahn, or on Instagram at VivaLaVahn.

You can also follow Strip Las Vegas magazine on Twitter at @StripLVMag.


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