Former #pornstar hits it big on YouTube and we love her for it!!

When girls tell me they want to be the next Jemma Jameson, I tell them that instead they should try for something more impressive like Sunny Leone or Channon Rose.

For those of you who don’t know who these lovely ladies are, Sunny Leone is off in Bollywood singing multi-million dollar contracts for mainstream movies, while Channon Rose (known in the porn world as Randi Wright) has become a mega YouTube star and her main channel has just hit 1 million subscribers!

If you have started following her yet you should check out her YouTube channel by clicking here.

What I like about Channon Rose is that unlike so many that leave porn behind, Channon Rose fully embraces her porn past and openly talks about it all the time in her videos.

She did a video just three weeks ago about her life in porn and it has over 200k views. I love the way Channon Rose (Randi Wright) embraces her past and acknowledges that it makes her who she is today.

Her favorite scene she ever did was one that she did for Red Light District that ended up in the 1 Night in Paris, yes that’s the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape.


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