Fact Check: No Brazzers is not releasing a children’s merch line

It’s a crazy day that I have to make a post like this in the first place, but no, Brazzers nor Pornhub is making a merch line for children.

Again let me repeat, no Brazzers is not making a line of merchandise for children. This is despite what some anti-porn people might be saying.

How did such an insane rumor even get started?

Well, it was because content creator turned porn star, CJ Miles, for some reason, thought it was a good idea to dress up her niece in a Brazzers t-shirt and then tweet the photo along with a caption that this little girl, who looked to be 5 to 7 years of age. CJ Miles has since pulled the tweet, but not before people caught it and called her out for the insanely inappropriate tweet.

I have cropped out the photo of the child in question as it’s clear she is very young. But here is the cropped tweet she made.

Abigail Mac was one of the first to call her out (and rightfully so). It’s fucked up. You don’t post pictures of underage children on the same place you are posting pictures of your fucking vagina.

One would assume you wouldn’t have to tell a grown-ass adult that, but apparently not. To date, CJ Miles has not publicly addressed her inappropriate behavior, nor has she apologized.

But she did post a picture of a gift she just got from Pornhub.

A source who is friends with CJ Miles, who asked to remain anonymous, said that tweet was a message to her haters that despite what she did, she still has Mindgeek’s support (Mindgeek being the company that owns both Brazzers and Pornhub). Her own sort of fuck you to her haters.

I’ll just say it’s fucked up. One would think that just days after agreeing to a deferred prosecution agreement, Mindgeek (Aylo) would want to distance itself from such controversy.

“Aylo was also ordered to pay more than $1.8 million to the U.S. government for restitution and to settle lawsuits filed against the company related to the case. Aylo announced the deferred prosecution agreement weeks ago, with its compliance executives expressing “deep regret” for hosting the videos produced by the GirlsDoPorn sex trafficking ring led by Michael Pratt and associates.”

But then again, they did support Asa Akira after her highly inappropriate behavior on not one but at least two separate occasions regarding children, so what the fuck do I know?

CJ Miles posts pictures of herself in Brazzers and Pornhub-related merch on Twitter rather often.

People who have met or worked with CJ Miles on past collabs have said, “Something isn’t right about her. I can’t put my finger on it, but she’s just not right.”

But to directly address the rumor that is going around, no Brazzers is not coming out with a line of clothing for children. This rumor began because CJ Miles posted a picture of a little girl dressed up in Brazzers clothing to Twitter, right after she posted a photo of herself naked, with her legs spread open showing her vagina and her boobs.

So now that’s not okay. That will never be okay.

Fuck CJ Miles.

My only hope is that Mindgeek puts her on the ban list as with every other major adult production company.

Her behavior only shows her clear lack of judgment and ability to be a responsible adult. Do you really want someone like that representing your company?

That is a child she is associating with a porn brand. That’s not funny. It’s fucked up.

Shame on her and anyone who works with her or promotes her in any way.



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