Bruce Jenner vs Mary Carey …. Oh yes it’s a real thing!

Speaking of the new Bruce Jenner, did you know he has one of the longest running “active” civil law suits in history and it’s against a porn star?

It’s true and it dates back to 2006 when Mary Carey was living it up and began running for the Governor of California. She hired Mark Behar (now named Bruce Jenner) for about a month. He went with her on tour and accompanied her to her feature dance appearances. According to him, she stiffed him for all of his fees and out of pocket expenses including airline tickets, hotel room, etc.

In all, Mary Carey still owes him $7,500 and he decided to take her to court to collect.

Mark Behar is now Bruce Jenner

The case ended up taking years to work its way through the court system – in Florida of all places, but it seems they will finally have a full day trial scheduled for later this month.

At the time of this posting Mary Carey could not be reached for comment but I’ll try and keep you updated on this when more information becomes available.


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