Beware of the Twitter Promo Scam!

I wanted to warn you about a scam of some douche bag guys out there running a twitter promotion scam. In short, they make a girl think they are famous on twitter and can help them promote their account.  Here are some of the exact things they have said to girls …

I can rt all your pics n stuff while my account is viral. Hit up my snap n I’ll do it” and “My accounts @FAKEACCOUNT1 and @FAKEACCOUNT2 are getting a lot of traffic rn

Notice he claims his account on twitter goes viral and that he’s getting a lot of traffic. Really? Because I’m gong to call bullshit. First let’s look at his account. He claims he has 52,514 followers. That is true.


But if you notice he’s also following 48,236 people. Any time you ever see someone who follows about the same number of people than are following them, you know they are a part of the “follow train”, which is a series of kids who will follow ANYONE who follows them. They are no more real followers than if they were bought.

Next thing to look for is to look at their tweets. Notice he has all those followers yet nobody LIKES (hearts), replies or retweets anything he tweets.

8 hours ago @InsideJeanie tweeted a simple message “I feel like cooking”. A simple message and she already has 1 retweet and 3 likes.

Overall this is a twitter account with only 18,200 followers. Those numbers are solid. Obviously her followers are real.

Nowhere near the 52,514 the other guy has one one of his fake accounts. And yet none of his tweets has likes, replies or retweets.

So that right there should tell you his followers aren’t real. I’m not saying every tweet ever made by someone will get a like, retweet or reply, but at least some should.

So again watch for that. Sure it’s not a sure fire way to know a person has fake followers but it’s one more way. The big one is really to check out their following to followers ratio.

Real twitter accounts don’t have the same # of followers that they are following. If you want to know more bout the Twitter’s Team Follow Train and how that works and why it sucks, you can click here.

So long story short, don’t be tricked into guys on twitter who claim they are big boys and can help promote you. They can’t do shit if they don’t have real followers.




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