Beware of the fake Nick Manning

Twitter and Facebook is full of fake accounts. I can’t begin to tell you how many I come across in any given week. Today I came across another one, @TheNickManning.  However what they normally don’t do is be so bold and to declare the real person is the faker. Today we have just a fake account. The balls on some of these fucking people.

nick manning fake twitter

This guy @TheNickManning is pretending to be the real Nick Manning. He is not. I know this because anyone who knows Nick Manning (the person) knows he is so bad with technology and spells horribly. Everyone who knows Nick knows that about him.

I’ve been friends with Nick for years. He used to text me what he wanted to tweet and I would do it for him. Lately he hasn’t done it much and as such I just left the account alone. Then one day I see a tweet from someone @TheNickManning claiming he was the real Nick Manning.

I sent him a direct message and said, “You and I both know this isn’t Nick Manning so why don’t you tell me who you really are.”

I assumed it was some affiliate or whatever. I was wrong. I thought maybe it was the guys running the @HungHardHigh twitter account, which is someone Nick did a documentary with.

This guy (whoever he is) began contacting porn girls and saying he is Nick and telling him that his other account (@RealNickManning) was hacked. It was not. I logged on and looked myself. The account was exactly how we left it months ago.

I told him if this was really Nick Manning, he could have a) called and just said he forgot his password and I would have given it to him or b) just clicked the little FORGOT PASSWORD link on the twitter page and it would have emailed him since the twitter account is associated with HIS email, not mine.

Then the fucker went to far. He started contacting performers and saying things like …  “Kelli didn’t like that I’m tryin to self promote without her help. @TheNickManning is legit. I started over. Kelli sort of hijacked this account and locked me out. I JUST got back in.

Again he was speaking as if he was Nick Manning.

He later confessed to another person that he was Nick Manning’s social media manager and claimed that Nick Manning “hired him” to tweet for him. I tried to get the guy many times to confirm “So Nick Manning is paying you to tweet for him? Then why won’t he confirm it by texting me?” No response.


Then the best part of the story – the guy starts messaging random hot girls pretending to be Nick Manning himself and having cybersex with the girl via twitter direct message. LOL Look at the conversation he is having with this poor girl. Now keep in mind he is pretending he is Nick Manning while speaking with these unsuspecting girls.


So before you have a conversation with anyone pretending to be Nick Manning, ask yourself this … is it really Nick Manning I’m talking to?

Chances are probably not.

I gave Nick Manning – the real Nick Manning access to his twitter account @RealNickManning. If he did give it to some “social media manager” it doesn’t give this person the right to contact girls and pretend to be Nick Manning. That’s just flat out fucked up.

Consider yourself warned.

Update: He continues to hit on girls on twitter pretending to be Nick Manning himself and sadly girls are falling for it.



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