Attention #pornstars — Fraud Alert!

Twitter has proven to be a great way to keep up with your fans. Unfortunately, it also seems to bring out the scam artists and entitled douchbags who feel like you owe them something because they’ve once seen you naked.

The other day Dollie Darko (@DolliexxxDarko) had a crazy run in with a fan who contacted her about doing a custom video. She didn’t respond quickly enough for him and this is what he wrote her in response.

But crazy fans like that are easily dealt with by blocking them. What isn’t so easy to deal with are the scam artists. That are the crafty ones that try and trick you into doing things for them or with them.

In the last two weeks one of the girls I do PR for has been contacted by two different guys. Each one of them have a similar story about how they tried to reach out to their agent but didn’t hear back. I happen to know her agent and he calls everyone back, day or night, weekend or weekday, even on holidays. That’s how we knew they were scammers.

Today Gia Paige posted a nearly identical story from yet another man. I mean holy shit, three different guys in two weeks. WTF?!

So I wanted to take a moment to warn you guys to be careful. If someone contacts you and tells you they tried booking you through your agent but they didn’t get a call back, call their bluff. Offer to make a three-way call to your agent when them on the phone. Just watch how fast their story changes.

Here are the messages this one scam artist sent to Gia Paige (@GiaPaige). Her response is great. I give her kudos for calling this guy out on his bullshit.




One of the two guys who contacted my PR client claimed they worked for Playboy Plus. Another one claimed they were just a local “well known” photographer.

Neither of which were true.

But how would you really know? I mean if you click on the guys twitter page, it said he was a producer for Playboy Plus. But remember —

Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true!

If you don’t know, ask around. Get references. Or hell, ask me. My twitter @MissKelliXXX. If I don’t know the producer in question, I will damn sure find out for you.

If the person who contacted Gia Paige a legit producer? I don’t know.

He does in fact have a website, but you’ll notice he uses an AOL email address. Who in the heck uses AOL? This isn’t 1999.

Next you’ll notice his website has an Alexa rating of something like 15.5 million. IF his website is legit, which I doubt, it gets like NO traffic. I mean like less than 10 people a MONTH – not a day, a MONTH!

I mean holy hell, I have sites I started last month that are higher in that. In fact, my new Megan Rain website, has an Alexa rating 15 times better than his 1.5 million and I seriously JUST created that website like 3 weeks ago.

So anyway the point I’m trying to make is, be careful when you are contacted by some guy on twitter. Just because he says he works for some company doesn’t make it true.

Ask around. Get references, REAL verifiable references.

There is so much fraud out there. It’s just not worth your safety and well being to trust some jackass you met on twitter!


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